Fallout of the Overwhelming crowd at the Aptitude test into Immigration service in Abuja.


Driving through the freeway from Area 1 Garki towards Berger roundabout precisely at the games village roundabout i could see cars parked, the scene reminded me of the Manchester united and Portsmouth showdown in 2009.I pulled over by two ladies walking like they could tell me about what is happening in the stadium. Fortunately i was right.

  I gathered that there was an aptitude test scheduled for 7 am today as a prerequisite to gain employment into the immigration service. The ladies asked if i was going towards Berger so i gave them a ride. As an online service provider in Abuja, i did register a couple of candidates for this test at the rate of 1000 Naira, this covers document processing and online transfer to the immigration service portal after each candidate would have paid 1000 Naira to one of the partner banks.

 Its past 11 am and the crowd had overwhelmed the administrators of the test thereby making it difficult for proper organization of the candidates and that’s why they had to leave the venue.

 Its so sad to hear hours after that there was a stampede at the venue and lives feared lost.

By: Abiodun Abidoye

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