NIGERIA: Foreign Mercenaries Captured in a Military Raid on Balmo Forest

  The Nigeria Military has cleared a vast forest in Balmo which stretches through Bauchi into Jigawa state. A periphery of Sambisa forest used as terrorist base and hideouts for launching terror attacks. The forest has been purged of armed gangs and suspected terrorist while some foreigners suspected to be mercenaries captured in a raid […]

Nigeria military killed over 50 terrorist as troops repel attack on military facility

Nigeria military killed over 50 terrorist as troops repel attack on military facility in troubled north eastern state of Borno. Five soldiers and an officer killed when the terrorist stormed the troop’s base and police locations. In another location, explosives and rifles concealed in a truck were intercepted and four suspects apprehended in connection. Also […]


KENYA: A CARGO PLANE CRASHED INTO A COMMERCIAL BUILDING SHORTLY AFTER TAKEOFF FROM JOMO KENYATTA AIRPORT EARLY HOURS OF WEDNESDAY. Kenya red cross reports that a cargo plane crashed into a building in Utalawa and ambulances have been dispatched to the scene for search and rescue operations. Meanwhile Kenya Airport authority said, that the plane […]

Re: The Ekiti Election, By Gov. Tunde Fashola

RIGHT OF REPLY: Dear Mr. Fashola, It was first interesting, then amusing to watch an audio-visual news report where you expressed shock over the result of the recent Ekiti Gubernatorial Election. This verbal sentiment was what you express more or less in your write-up, and which I hope to do some justice here, even though […]

Car bomb exploded near Maiduguri market..

NIGERIA: Early on Tuesday morning, a car bomb exploded near a busy market in the northern city of Maiduguri. Nigeria defence ministry reported via its twitter feed “A van loaded with charcoal and IED exploded at Monday Market in Maiduguri this morning. The location has been cordoned. Details Shortly”. The number of casualties is yet […]