NIGERIA: Foreign Mercenaries Captured in a Military Raid on Balmo Forest


Arrested1 (1)

The Nigeria Military has cleared a vast forest in Balmo which stretches through Bauchi into Jigawa state. A periphery of Sambisa forest used as terrorist base and hideouts for launching terror attacks.

The forest has been purged of armed gangs and suspected terrorist while some foreigners suspected to be mercenaries captured in a raid that led to the recovery of ammunition’s, power generating sets, communication gadgets, trucks and motorcycles.

Arrested1 (3) Arrested1 (4)

In Kerenoa and its suburbs, a predawn attack by terrorist armed with improvise explosive devices was repelled by the military while several high caliber firearms and ammunition’s were recovered.

Arrested1 (2)

The military lost six soldiers over the weekend in various encounters battling insurgency. Casualties arose from an ambush laid by terrorist but met stiff resistance which led to the death of forty four.


Source: Nigeria Defence Information, 7th July, 2014. Retrieved from:

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