#BREAKING: 74 bodies of #SouthAfrica Nationals who died in the #Nigeria #Synagogue church of all nations Tragedy touchdown at the Waterkloof Airforce Base in Pretoria..

Aircraft carrying the remains of the deceased approaching Waterkloof airforce base.
Aircraft carrying the remains of the deceased approaching Waterkloof airforce base.
Building before collapse
Building before collapse

The bodies of South African nationals who left Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday night just touchdown at the Waterkloof Airforce base in Pretoria. In total, seventy four bodies arrived this morning at about 9:45am CAT from Murtala Mohammed International airport Lagos.

South Africa health officials, forensic pathologist and members of the South African national defense force were part of the team that arrived this morning in Pretoria from Lagos.

Some members of the deceased families had been notified earlier and invited to the formal reception of the mortal remains of their loved ones.

The tragic incident occurred at the #synagogue church of all nations guest house in Lagos two months ago in a controversial circumstance. According to the spokesperson of the synagogue church of all nations speaking on #SABCNEWS earlier this morning, he said it was a controlled demolition possibly from an explosive device.

Building after collapse
Building after collapse

Breaking African news blog reported on the 21st of September when we obtain an audio recording by one of the journalist who was offered N50,000 by Prophet TB Joshua for petrol while asking what they will report afterwards Audio retrieved from https://audioboo.fm/boos/2496625-audio-proof

The remaining bodies in Lagos will return to South Africa after they have been positively identified, Minister in the presidency and the head of the South African task team Jeff Radebe said earlier this morning when he arrived from Lagos. He also said the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa is not in anyway strained as both countries have a Bi national commission with over one hundred South African companies operating in Nigeria while the single largest investor in South Africa is Aliko Dangote a Nigerian who is building a cement factory in the north west province.

Compiled and blogged by: Abiodun Abidoye, student at the University of South Africa, Pretoria. Audio Visual report source: SABC NEWS retrieved 16th November 2014.

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