OPINION: End of tenure sacks, appointments and the G7 invite..


The post election political arena in Nigeria is a conundrum with many questions begging for answers. Although the sacks and appointments made by the out going president seems desperate and mischievous, I ask myself, what are the special duties that the new appointees will be carrying out between now and May 29th 2015.

Secondly, the issue of the temporary residence of General Muhammadu Buhari and the recent public fight between Africa independent television and the media team of the president elect that has generated a lot of public discuss especially on social media.

Julius Berger Nigeria under former military president Ibrahim Babangida built the defense guest house in the early 90’s while on June 8 1998 it was said that General Sani Abacha died of a heart attack within the same facility in a mysterious circumstance. I ask myself again, On whose advice was the Defense guest house approved for use by the president elect?

The management of Africa independent television can approach the court if they felt marginalized and unconstitutionally hindered from performing their duties. Once more I ask, did the president elect sanction the decision to keep Africa Independent Television out of the loop of the happenings at the defense guest house?

Finally, without pondering further, I ask myself, why not invite the outgoing president to Berlin as a recognition of his statesmanship exhibited during and after the presidential elections regardless of the mistakes made by his government? Are there any issues to be raised by the G7 that cannot wait until May 29? My fears are great but my trust in the divine is greater and will take us through to the promise land in the midst of enemies that camouflage as friends.. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria..

By Abiodun Abidoye

Email: abiodun.abidoye@gmail.com

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