IDP’s and life in a UN Refugee Camp

UNHCR has been doing alot to better the lives of refugees in Africa more importantly with the surge in internally displace persons in the horn of Africa, the lake Chad basin and in the great lakes region. UNHCR regional operations in Africa.. The challenges are enormous in these conflict zones as more is expected in the area of […]

Washington may sell Apache helicopters to Nigeria military

WASHINGTON MAY SELL NIGERIA APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTERS! Following his Excellency’s meeting with President Barack Obama on Monday, military analysts in Washington are predicting that the arms/security embargo imposed on Nigeria due to former President Jonathan’s unwillingness to end the insurgency, may after all be immediately lifted. In a deal worth about $500 million, which may […]

POTUS addresses Nigeria and affirms support to defeat Boko Haram..

   President Muhammadu Buhari started his state visit to the United States on the invitation of President Barack Obama and a joint press briefing was held at the Oval Office.  PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, it’s a great pleasure to welcome President Buhari and his delegation here to the Oval Office for his first visit since the […]

On Nelson Mandela International Day..

Nelson Mandela international day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009 with the first United Nations Nelson Mandela day held on the 18th July 2010. The annual celebration on 18 July commemorates the birthday of South Africa’s first democratically elected president, who died two years ago at age 95.  People worldwide are […]

Nigeria security operatives arrest suspected Radio Biafra propagators..

The national broadcasting corporation in conjunction with the Nigerian secret police successfully arrested suspects connected to the operation of the illegal radio Biafra while most of its transmission equipments have have been shutdown and confiscated. The agency is working closely with online content providers to put a permanent stop to the online radio broadcast.  Nigerians […]