NIMASA’s Ceo, Aso Rock and Former NSA last minute looting of the treasury..

According to the Anti Corruption campaign group, Citizens United for Peace and Stability, more documents available has revealed last minute withdrawals from the national treasury under the guise of National security by NIMASA, former NSA and the office of former President Goodluck Jonathan.


The CUPS organisation continues with its exposure of the grandeur financial theft at NIMASA until all the documents at our disposal are laid bare for Nigerian masses to see. We too believe that when Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for his Excellency, PMB, on the 28th March 2015, they did not vote for amnesty for anyone.

On 15/04/2015, the current DG NIMASA (Mr. Ziakede P. Akpobolokem) wrote the former NSA (Sambo Dasuki) requesting for N447 Million, being payment for a project called “Implementation of International Ship and Port Facility Security – ISPS”. The bogus project was meant to be for consultancy, enforcement activities, and verification/inspection exercise. On 22/04/2015, Mr. Dasuki duly wrote ex-President GEJ, endorsing the project. On 27/04/2015, ex-President GEJ wrote the former NSA swiftly approving it.

Within a period of just 12 days, Nigerians were defrauded of a whopping N447 Million. The speed at which these huge sums of monies were requested and released is an indication of a grandeur conspiracy between GEJ, Dasuki, and DG NIMASA. This was part of the last minute ransacking of the Nigerian treasury by GEJ and his cabal after losing the Presidential election. NIMASA fraud 2

The level of theft at NIMASA can only be described as war crimes and crimes against humanity. To this end, we call upon his Excellency, PMB, to freeze the bank accounts and assets of ex-President GEJ, Sambo Dasuki, and the current DG NIMASA. We also call upon his Excellency to freeze both the local and foreign accounts of NIMASA itself, with immediate effect, so as to stop the rot.

Those who brought death and destruction to Nigerians showed our people no mercy. Therefore there should be no mercy when justice is dispensed upon them.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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