Radio Biafra: clear and present danger against Nigeria’s peace and stability

Biafra sought secession from the Nigerian state after the first military coup and counter coup that ended our young democratic nation. Biafran War broke out from 1967 and it lasted until 1970 with a loss of about 100,000 military casualties and an estimate of between 500,000 to 1 million women and children. The phrase, “No victor no vanquish” was used by the then federal military government to prepare a new phase of re-integration and nation building. 

 The illegal broadcast of Radio Biafra from an unknown location to the south eastern part of Nigeria and the rest of the world via online radio and satellite broadcast is a growing concern that has the potential to raise tensions and aggression in the eastern part of the country against the rest of the country.

The Economic impact of a crisis in the south eastern part of Nigeria will be monumental. It is an industrial zone, with manufacturing and production of consumer and retail goods to the rest of west Africa. Coal mining industries, Automotive industries, petrochemical industries and petroleum by-products for the manufacturing of plastics and oil refineries to mention a few are strategic institutions that sustain the economic potential of the region. All these could be jeopardized if the propaganda that is being disseminated by the Radio Biafra is not nip in the bud.

Also, from a Political perspective,  the south east of Nigeria and all of her democratic institutions presently in place with the Governors of each state in charge of the executives, while the state legislators in the various state house of assembly’s and the chief judges are in charge of the legislature and judiciary respectively could possibly be truncated. In a situation whereby the hate campaigns propagated against the Nigerian state by the Biafra Radio is adhered to by its target audiences could result into an arms struggle. Radio Biafra could transform into some sort of command and control centre for all those that believe in its ideology. These can lead to the breakdown of law and order and unwaton destruction of lives and property of all those that don’t believe in their cause, take the case of the Rwandan genocide as an example.

Furthermore, with respect to Religious intolerance, the growing tension being brewed against religious minorities by the illegal Radio station broadcasting in the south east of Nigeria is unacceptable and could lead to reprisals in other parts of the country where they find themselves as the majority. The Radio Biafra specifically called on its audience to resist the crusade planned by the General overseer of the deeper life bible church if he ever steps his foot on their soil.

In conclusion, I can only recommend that the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation, perform its statutory obligation to protect the Nigerian airwaves from illegal broadcast media. Due diligence and concise test of the airwaves both terrestrial and satellite broadcast should be performed to verify that Radio Biafra is indeed offAir before making assertions to the president that this Hate dissemination medium is permanently shutdown. I believe that they can remedy the situation before it gets out of hand. The propagandist have declared war on Radio Nigeria and promised to hack into its frequency in such a way that Radio Biafra will replace the transmission of Radio Nigeria. The department of state security should gather enough intelligence to support the police in the arrest and prosecution of all those sponsoring this nefarious acts. Detail information should be forwarded to the Interpol to assist in the arrest of the culprits in whatever country they might be operating from.

Nigeria is the only country we have, we must strive to protect it against all those with sinister and selfish ambitions at the detriment of the majority.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria…

By: Abiodun Abidoye, Online Facilitator, Breaking African News.

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