Nigeria security operatives arrest suspected Radio Biafra propagators..

The national broadcasting corporation in conjunction with the Nigerian secret police successfully arrested suspects connected to the operation of the illegal radio Biafra while most of its transmission equipments have have been shutdown and confiscated. The agency is working closely with online content providers to put a permanent stop to the online radio broadcast. 

Nigerians all over the world have been weary of the operations of this pirate station while several others raised concerns on social media about the imminent danger that this illegal radio station portrays. On Thursday we published Biafra Radio: Clear and Present Danger to the peace and stability of the Nigerian state.

On Friday, Emeka Mba, Director General of the National Broadcasting Corporation released the following statement;

“The national Broadcasting Commission, has effectively neutralised the illegal broadcasts from the seditious pirate radio station that has recently shattered the peace in parts of the south east of Nigeria with unsavoury hate messages.
“Working with security operatives, the Commission has also tracked down, neutralised and confiscated transmitter equipment from several locations in the region. Some suspects involved in the illicit broadcasts have also been arrested and taken to Abuja for questioning and prosecution.

“The commission has also worked with other agencies to remove the transmission of the illegal station from the satellite and this has put paid to the divisive and disruptive transmissions. We are working on the internet transmissions.

“The National Broadcasting Commission wishes to appreciate the concerns expressed by Nigerians over the seditions activities of the illegal “Biafra Radio” transmitting hate message that are unfortunately designed to create disunity among Nigerians and mislead young people in a deliberate act of subversion. Nigerians do not need another round of heartache and bloodshed.

“The Commission reiterates its calls to the public to disregard the hate messages coming from the misguided station, and urges Nigerians to unite in joining hands with the government to build a stronger and more prosperous nation.”

By: Abiodun Abidoye, Online Facilitator, Breaking African News. Copy of statement retrieved 18th July 2015 12:00CAT from Vanguard at

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