IDP’s and life in a UN Refugee Camp

UNHCR has been doing alot to better the lives of refugees in Africa more importantly with the surge in internally displace persons in the horn of Africa, the lake Chad basin and in the great lakes region. UNHCR regional operations in Africa..

The challenges are enormous in these conflict zones as more is expected in the area of protection and security in and around the refugee camps. Over the last week, there has been reports that IDP’s at the UNHCR camps in Rwanda are being recruited by rebel groups to fight in  Burundi against the recently re-elected government. Burundi refugees lured to join rebel groups..

Also, some IDP’s in Chad reported that Boko Haram members has infiltrated their camps hence, they no longer feel safe and would rather risk going back to Nigeria through the dangerous and isolated routes where they might face hostilities from the terrorist or scrutiny by the security forces.

documentary on Nigerians displaced after the January 2015 Boko Haram attack on Baga, a fishing community in the lake Chad basin.

By Abiodun Abidoye, video credits to and via YouTube.

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