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Corruption is a curse. It is a cancer that has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigerian society. It is killing our people everyday and everywhere. This story is a sad and disgraceful one. It is a story of grandeur betrayal, the kind of betrayal that not even Satan himself will be proud of.

Our IDPs are the most vulnerable group of people today in Nigerian society. Having survived the tyranny and terror of Boko Haram, they have been forced to become refugees in their ancestral land. It is tragic that our society cannot give them adequate shelter and protection due to corruption. It is the sympathy for our IDPs that triggered our conscience at CUPS to raise over N1 million through public donation to buy rice and other essentials for distribution our IDPs in Yola, Maiduguri and Yobe during the last month of Ramadan. The project was very successful. We distributed food and essentials to both Christians and Muslims. Thanks to CUPS officials in Yola, Maiduguri and Damaturu, who made this happen.

Today we reveal the sad story of how one NEMA food contractor has attempted to callously defraud the IDPs in Yola to enrich himself. Alhaji Hafiz M. Abubakar, who hails from Katsina state, is a NEMA contractor who supplies rice to IDPs in Yola, Adamawa state. He uses two companies to supply rice. These companies are: Ziziks Nigeria Ltd, Suite 11, Shakir Plaza, Abuja; and FAD Global Services Ltd, 3 Kanta Road, Turaki Ali House, Kaduna.

In two separate contracts, which were both signed by one H. Chiroma on behalf of the DG NEMA (NEMA/RE /165/S1/I/4338/1/15 2015-13007 dated 16/1/2015), and (NEMA /RE/165/S1/I/4342/1/15 2015 -13006 dated 16/1/2015), the above companies were awarded contracts to supply 1,200 sacks of rice to the IDPs in Yola Adamawa state at the rate of N12,810 per bag. In order to maximise his profits, which is at the expense of the welfare of fellow human beings, this contractor decided to supply rice meant for animal feed, which is NOT suitable for human consumption. This type of rice costs N6,000 per bag.

If he gets his way, this contractor stands a chance of making the additional profit of N8,172,000. However, the NEMA Yola store keeper, whose job it is to accept supplies, has rejected this rice three times, despite being bribed by the treacherous contractor. It is evidently clear that unless the authorities in Yola step into this disgraceful scandal, the contractor will eventually get his way, even if it means instigating the unlawful sacking the store keeper, or worse still causing him harm. We call on the DSS in Yola, Adamawa state, to look into this case before a store keeper is killed or IDPs die due to food poisoning.

By: Dr. Idris Ahmed.
CUPS (Citizens United for Peace and Stability).

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