Save Kano emirate and other traditional constituencies from a constitutional lacuna…

There are a number of ways you can view the happenings in Kano. Either lane is rather unfortunate for the institution of Government or Tradition, in my opinion.

A Revered Institution has been badly damaged after centuries of Stature, Importance and Influence. You can chose where you may to place blame. However, this has been a long time coming.

A democratically elected Government rips to shreds a fabled traditional institution with a singular swing of the pen. Unthinkable one might have thought.

Reducing the seat of the Emir of Kano to the fancies of a personality clash is nothing but shockingly ridiculous. The VALUE within similar traditional institutions cannot be measured in simplistic terms.

Traditional Rulers, and particularly of the First Class cadre, are Guardians and Custodians of our History as a people maintaining the principles which, over and above modernity, ensure the essence of a people.

I Love and Respect the Institution of Tradition and Traditional Rulers.

However,, as time moved on, much has been done by Traditional Rulers themselves to water down the Essence and Importance of these seats. 

When Traditional Rulers began getting involved in the Social and Political shenanigans of the ordinary individuals, they inadvertently exposed the institutions to ridicule and interference. 

When we started “selling” positions and titles to not only all and sundry but also to the highest bidder. When we started having Traditional Rulers attend every Christmas Party, Owambe and Disco. When we started leaving it to Government/Governors to decide who sat where and presided over what. We were heading down a slippery slope. Essence and Value was being eroded. 

And now we are here.

The last remaining threads of who we are, are now greatly weakened but for a few remaining Strong Traditional Institutions and Seats!

We can look at Gov. Ganduje or even Emir SLS as personalities. We can argue about who Ganduje is or how SLS became Emir. But we and regardless must not forget the importance of the Seat of KANO. The History, the Traditions, the People. It is about those and not the clashing personalities.

Modernists will argue about “changing times”. I would remind them of what makes them who they are.

And here is the warning…. Whatever happens to the Seat of KANO, leaves IFE, ONITSHA, CALABAR, BORNO, ILORIN, ZARIA, BENIN, OYO, LAGOS, BONNY, WARRI, GWANDU, TIV, IBADAN, EGBALAND exposed!

These Seats are far more commanding and influential than Elected Governments in many cases.

This is one very slippery road of TWO Lanes full of dangerous blind turns.

Ivor Ekpe writes from West Africa…

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