SA Health workers among positive covid-19 cases 

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In the most recent statistics released by the NICD, the cases of positive covid-19 have increased to 1,280 with a second death recorded in KwaZulu-Natal of a 74 year old male with underlying medical conditions.
The minister of health said on Saturday that 13 health workers including 11 medical doctors have tested positive for covid-19 but none seems to have contracted the virus from any patient.

Statistics at the end of Day 3 the 29th March 2020
PROVINCE              CASES      DEATHS
Eastern Cape            12
Free State                  72
Gauteng                     584
KwaZulu-Natal        167             1
Limpopo                     12
Mpumalanga             11
Northern Cape          6
North West                 6
Western Cape           310             1
Unallocated              100
At the end of Day 3 there were 93 additional positive cases of Covid-19 in South Africa with 1 death.
Compared to the 1,170 positive test results for Friday, the minister said that Saturday’s result of 1,187 were relatively a modest increment.
“We must outrightly state that these numbers do not indicate a reduction in the number of infections. it is merely a reflection of positive results that were received , verified and ready for today’s reporting”, he said on Day 2.

Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye and Member Southern African Freelancers’ Association

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