Lockdown to ease gradually as State of Disaster regulations amended..

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on Pexels.com
Some regulations in the National State of Disaster has been amended and gradual ease of the lockdown will be implemented on an incremental basis.
Prohibition in the Transportation of Alcohol
The only allowed alcohol that can be transported will be the alcohol used in the manufacturing of sanitizes and cleaning agents. No alcohol is allowed to be transported or exported except to manufacture hand sanitizers and other disinfecting agents.

man riding on yellow forklift

Transportation during Funerals
Transportation during funerals will require a death certificate and permission from the Magistrate court or Police for a Burial Warrant. For those that bury quickly, they are allowed to use an affidavit to travel, while attendance at all funerals during the lockdown must not exceed the stipulated 50 persons.

man in black jacket standing in front of grave

Transportation of Children in cases of Co-Parenting
Where parents don’t live together you will need a Court order, Family Advocate papers or a Birth Certificate that shows a connection between a parent transporting and the children/child that is being moved.

family walking on path

Easing of the Lockdown
Minister Dlamini Zuma announced that the Lockdown will be eased gradually and services will be opened up on an incremental basis. The services to be eased includes;
Vehicle Servicing and Repairs
Garages, where vehicles are repaired or Serviced, will now be allowed to open for servicing and repairs of cars on essential services or in cases where there is a vehicle breakdown.

man in black jacket and black knit cap inspecting car engine

Artisan Trade
Also allowed to operate will be plumbers and other artisans’ like locksmiths and electricians in cases where there is a broken pipe at home or an electrical fault to rectify.

photography of man repairing electrical wires

ICT Support
ICT technicians who render services to essential services and hardware stores that supply required service parts to these artisans and vehicle repair services will also be allowed to open.

laptop technology ipad tablet

Some Mines will also be allowed to open  and mine workers resume mining but under strict supervisions especially those in the production of Coal necessary for power generation.

silver steel mining crane on black rocky soil during daytime

Africa’s Covid-19 Cases
Total confirmed cases from the Coronavirus pandemic in Africa has risen to 19,827 with 4,619 total recoveries and 1,020 confirmed deaths. Egypt has the highest numbers of positive cases standing at 2,844 with South Africa having the highest numbers of recoveries at 903 and Algeria recording the highest number of deaths at 364.
See the latest figures in  Statistics Updated April 18, 2020  and a breakdown of Corona Virus cases per Africa member states.
Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye  Member  Southern African Freelancers Association  and Publisher Africa Online News.

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