Ethiopia Converts its Airliners into Freighters to Increase Cargo Capacity

Photo by Matt Hardy
Passenger cabins of nine aircraft belonging to Africa’s most successful airline have been reconfigured to boost the airline’s capacity after an increase in demand for cargo shipments during this Covid-19 global health pandemic.
Ethiopia has been transporting medical supplies throughout Africa with twelve freighter aircraft and as the need for more deliveries increased, the airline proactively responded by adding nine more freighters to its current twelve freighter aircraft.
Ethiopian Airlines Cargo shipment and Air Charter services are available online and on mobile applications.
There are 191 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ethiopia with 93 recoveries and 4 deaths while neighboring Djibouti has recorded 1,133 cases with 799 recoveries and 3 deaths.
The total number of cases in Africa’s have risen to 54,039 with 18,393 recoveries and 2,073 confirmed deaths.
The highest recorded cases are from South Africa with 8,232 cases followed by Egypt with 7,981. North Africa is experiencing the highest number of fatalities. Algeria has recorded the highest number of deaths standing at 483 followed closely by Egypt with 482 deaths. Kingdom of Lesotho is the only African state yet to record a single case of Coronavirus.


Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye for Africa Online News a Top 20 News website to follow in South Africa.

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