Johannesburg Customer Service Centres Close for Deep Cleaning

Photo by Matilda Wormwood
dOwr7-The City of Johannesburg Customer Service Centres are set to all temporarily close and undergo a second round of deep cleaning at the weekend as a precautionary measure to keep staff and customers safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The centres known as category A facilities due to their offering of the full bouquet of municipal services were all recently opened to resume operations under the Level 3 Covid-19 lockdown.
Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Finance, Councillor Jolidee Matongo, who is responsible for the customer walk-in centres under his portfolio, said the closure was designed to be brief and temporary.
“Following an assessment of customer traffic volumes in the centres, we saw it fit to continue prioritising safety precautions through, among others, continuous deep cleaning of our facilities and the provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs) to staff. The centres will be reopened on Monday,” MMC Matongo said.
He further cautioned that the City was still under lockdown along with the rest of the country, and therefore urged residents who can access municipal services online to continue doing so. This is in a bid to reduce traffic at the customer centres to also ensure that the risk of contracting and spreading the virus was reduced.
The City has created several platforms for municipal account holders to continue conveniently paying their accounts even during grocery shopping at Easy Pay counters inside Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Spar, and Woolworths. Payments can also be made through electronic fund transfer (EFT), telephone or cellphone banking, automated teller (ATM), or at the South African Post Office.
MMC Matongo expressed gratitude to residents who have been paying their municipal accounts since the beginning of the current lockdown.
“We also appreciate the difficulty brought upon residents and the City by the Covid-19 pandemic, however, we all need to continue working together to ensure that service delivery also continues by paying for services consumed – alongside keeping safe during the lockdown,” said Matongo.
Municipal account holders can also register on the City’s website to access various municipal services that include receiving their municipal statements online using the link: to create a username and a password.
They can further record and send their water and electricity meter readings with photographs and clearly stated account holder details to the respective utility email addresses for Water: and Electricity:
Residents who are currently experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, and wish to enter into a payment arrangement to keep their municipal accounts up to date during hard times may send email requests to the City’s Credit Control Department at
For more information contact:
Gosebo Mathope
MMC for Finance Media Liaison
Cell: 063 336 6231
Nthatisi Modingoane
City of Johannesburg Spokesman
Cell: 082 467 9228

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