South Africa enters a second wave of Covid-19 infections..

South Africa as a whole now meets the requirements for a second wave, according to the South African COVID-19 Modeling Consortium (SACMC) assessment. Today, 6,710 new cases have been registered, reflecting an 18 per cent positive test rate.

A second wave is a new wave lasting one or more days, commencing after the “end of the first”.  It furthermore refers to an occurrence, after the previous peak, where the caseload returns to at least 30% of the previous peak’s caseload.

Knowing that most people are tired of COVID-19 and its preventive measures, we urge South Africans not to become complacent and let their guard down by failing to follow the requisite preventive measures properly.

Prof Adrian Puren, Acting Executive Director of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said, “as we head into the holiday season, everyone has a part to play. It’s in our hands. We urge the public to avoid mass meetings or events where there is no or limited physical distancing or ventilation. We urge you keep physical distancing, use face masks in public, and regularly sanitize or wash hands”.

The public is encouraged to please contact the nearest medical practitioner immediately if COVID-19 symptoms are suspected.

Source: NICD

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