Nigeria committed to confronting instability


From the Sahel region, sophisticated herdsmen with AK47s have infiltrated the traditional herdsmen who carry sticks and machete to guide their cattle along the grazing routes within Nigeria. Fulani from Mauritania and Fulani from the Central African Republic are the same. The governors are advised to gather intelligence using the old system. Native authorities should be utilized to provide local security with the traditional rulers who know their communities.

Photo: Armed groups

Boko haram members are Nigerians, the governor of Borno Professor Zulum confirmed when president Buhari asked about the identity of the terrorist group. He commended the efforts of the state government in bringing about normalcy. Part of the issues that led youths into joining these groups is as a result of the level of poverty and unimaginable standard of living in the region.

Governor of Borno


Asides the mandatory 10% of internally generated revenue due to local councils. The local government administration has been compromised as heads sign off more funds than they are provided for by the state government from the federal allocation.


On the issue of the South-East unrest, PMB said he heard and was not told that south-south elders and youths will not give access to the sea if IPOB should declare war on the Nigerian state. IPOB is just a dot on the map and we will charge the police and army to pursue them for their atrocities.


Those keeping tabs on what we are doing know the difference between this administration and what they experienced before. Visibly we have made progress in the North-East and the South-South but the North-West is overwhelming and we will get it right very soon as the new service chiefs have been charged to bring about normalcy.


Those talking about nations and republics should also consider talking about how to share what Nigeria collectively built together. Our youthful population should be dissuaded from being brainwashed into believing that only when the country breaks that life will be better. He warned elites among the society propagating this ideology to desist and commit to keeping Nigeria as a whole and indivisible country.

Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye

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