Mid-Summer is the best “Time to Wind”…

While Stay Saucy is still fresh and jamming, a new single by DJ Taj TheBeard Featuring Kgadi Sadiki called Time to Wind is out on all digital music platforms.

We caught up with him over the weekend and asked what influenced the beats, and the collaboration with Kgadi Sadiki. He disclosed how he was inspired to do music with South African talents.

He said “In 2018 when I went back to Nigeria for vacation, I met my nephew who is a producer, and was formerly known by the name StudioKing who’s now YTFahadwaves, he recently produced a track for Bella Shmurda Dangbana Republik HighTension titled Champion”.

He continued “We had a deep conversation regarding the Nigerian entertainment industry and he gave me some advice and beats, got back to South Africa I met Kgadi Sadiki on Instagram and I DM her for a collaboration she later DM me back”.

Kgadi Sadiki

“I Sent her a couple of beats and she choose this particular one to work with” he said, “She eventually did a song on it and sent it back to me for me to do my part, and since then it’s been a huge success on both parts”.

It’s evident that whenever African musical talents collaborate, nothing short of magic is born. Particularly the mesh between Nigeria and Southy, so refreshing and modern. Music with its own heartbeat, Africa to the world!

Listen to “Time to Wind” on Spotify YouTube

Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye with Contributions from Dj Taj TheBeard IG:@iamdjtajofficial |Twitter: @iamdjtaj and Sne Zama IG:@sinenhlanhlazama

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