Level 3 Restrictions Amendment Amid Surge in SA Covid-19 Cases

In an address by President Ramaphosa on Wednesday where he announced the inclusion of certain economic activities permissible in the current level 3 lockdown restrictions. These amended restrictions also referred to as Advanced level 3 lockdown will see the following activities and businesses commence in earnest ; Restaurants for ‘sit-down’ meals. Accredited and licensed accommodation, […]

SA Covid-19 Cases as Youth Day is Commemorated

YOUTH DAY 2020 On this day forty-four years ago, over one hundred and seventy people mostly students were killed after a violent protest broke out in SOWETO against the use of Afrikaans language as the sole medium of instruction and learning. COVID-19 CASES One million one hundred and forty-eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-three coronavirus […]

Over 1 Million Covid-19 Tests Conducted in SA

South Africa has recorded 1,028,399 Coronavirus tests conducted nationwide since the first case was detected 100 days ago. The total number of positive cases identified stands at 58,568 with a total recovery of 33,253 cases and a total fatality of 1,284. In a daily test cycle, a total of 3,147 new cases were recorded from […]