Ethiopia Converts its Airliners into Freighters to Increase Cargo Capacity

UP SCALING AFRICA’S AIRCARGO SHIPMENTS Passenger cabins of nine aircraft belonging to Africa’s most successful airline have been reconfigured to boost the airline’s capacity after an increase in demand for cargo shipments during this Covid-19 global health pandemic. Ethiopia has been transporting medical supplies throughout Africa with twelve freighter aircraft and as the need for […]

WHO funding halted by US as medical supplies leaves Addis Ababa

This effort by the WHO through the WFP comes in the wake of a directive by President Donald Trump to stop all payments to the World Health Organisation in the middle of a global health pandemic.

Economic Intervention Post Covid-19 as AU Chair appoints Envoys..

The special envoys will solicit and coordinate all pledges made by International Financial Institutions, the European Union and the G20 to assist Africa’s efforts in dealing with this global pandemic.

Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Africa..

Total confirmed cases from the Coronavirus pandemic in Africa has risen to 14,497 with 2,823 total recoveries and 788 confirmed deaths. South Africa leads in numbers of positive cases standing at 2,173 with 410 recoveries and 25 deaths. This could be attributed to a better testing capacity and a more robust information gathering and dissemination […]

Africa’s resistance against European Imperialism – The Battle of Adwa

Africa’s resistance against European Imperialism – The Battle of Adwa Exactly one hundred and twenty-four years ago on the 1st of March 1896, the Ethiopian army of Emperor Menelik II and Italian forces clashed in Adwa about 1000 km north of Addis Ababa. This victory ensured the sovereignty of Ethiopia against an Italian conquest geared towards […]