Nigerians Evacuation from South Africa

After several attacks on foreign-owned businesses and properties, 600 Nigerians signed up to be evacuated from South Africa courtesy of the humanitarian gesture extended to Nigerian citizens living in South Africa by Allen Onyema owner of Air Peace airlines. 320 Nigerians will leave on the first flight today and the airplane will return tomorrow to […]

Arson Looting and Violence disrupts foreign businesses in Gauteng South Africa

Arson, looting and violence disrupts foreign businesses in several cities within Gauteng province in South Africa. There were reports of looting which started overnight in Malvern east of Johannesburg with locals targeting foreign-owned shops. Several shops were broken into and looted. Some buildings were set alight overnight and several cars owned by car dealerships were […]

Radio Biafra: clear and present danger against Nigeria’s peace and stability

Biafra sought secession from the Nigerian state after the first military coup and counter coup that ended our young democratic nation. Biafran War broke out from 1967 and it lasted until 1970 with a loss of about 100,000 military casualties and an estimate of between 500,000 to 1 million women and children. The phrase, “No victor no […]