Arson Looting and Violence disrupts foreign businesses in Gauteng South Africa

Arson, looting and violence disrupts foreign businesses in several cities within Gauteng province in South Africa. There were reports of looting which started overnight in Malvern east of Johannesburg with locals targeting foreign-owned shops. Several shops were broken into and looted. Some buildings were set alight overnight and several cars owned by car dealerships were burnt. The police cannot confirm the nationalities of the owners of the shops, buildings and car dealerships until they come forward to make a formal report at the police station.


Also in Turffontein south of Johannesburg, several shops were broken into and looted before police arrived and dispersed them with rubber bullets.

Two shops were set alight in Tembisa and several foreign-owned shops looted by locals. Police intensified presence and have arrested 8 suspects for public violence and possession of stolen goods while the hunt for those that instigated these attacks are on-going. Firefighters were on-site to deal with the fire and there hasn’t been any casualties in Tembisa.


In the CBD of Pretoria, police are monitoring a tense situation after Taxi drivers assemble for the continuation of protest they started last week. A taxi driver was allegedly shot dead by drug peddlers in Pretoria which resulted in violence and widespread looting.

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South African Police clamp down on illegal protesters and looters.

South African Police reacted swiftly and decisively against an illegal protest that led to arson and widespread looting of shops in the central business district of the capital city on Wednesday. According to reports from the police, seventeen people have been arrested for numerous offenses.


The protest was as a result of the death of a taxi operator who was shot dead a day before in the CBD of Pretoria allegedly by a drug dealer after he tried to stop an ongoing drug dealing.

Department of Government Communications issued a statement that law enforcement will not tolerate further intimidation incitement and violence.img_20190828_204824

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Nigerian students group halts protest against South African businesses in Nigeria

The student group known as the Progressive Student Movement Nigeria in an official letter to the South African High Commissioner in Abuja wrote to formally inform South Africans and Nigerians that the planned protest against South African businesses in Nigeria has been halted.

In the letter dated 16th August 2019 obtained from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation Facebook page, the student body group claims it has been in the forefront of anti-xenophobic protest and shutting of South African businesses in Nigeria.

The group in their statement said that they will like to be part of any program or fact finding process the South Africa government assured will commence.


FBI arrest Invictus Group founder Obinwanne Okeke for $11M fraud

Profile and Arrest

Obinwanne Okeke was on Forbes 30 under 30 list and appeared on the cover of Forbes Africa magazine. The FBI in the United States arrested him on charges of conspiracy to commit computer fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. His arrest occurred as he was preparing to board a plane out of the United States at Washington Dulles International Airport.

The Alleged Scam

The FBI affidavit submitted to support the arrest order for Okeke links him to an incident from June 2018 where Unatrac Holding Limited was scammed to the tune of $11 million.

The scam was perpetrated by gaining access to the Office365 account of Unatrac’s CFO through a phishing e-mail.

According to the affidavit, the CFO opened the phishing e-mail around 1 April and clicked on a link that took him to a page designed to look like the legitimate Office365 login page.

Over the course of several weeks, the attacker accessed the account and created e-mail filter rules to hide e-mails from the CFO that might have tipped them off to the suspicious activity on their account. The rules intercepted e-mails from the company’s financial team to the CFO, marked them as read, and moved them to a folder so they didn’t appear in the inbox.

With access to the CFO’s Office365 account, the attacker also obtained Unatrac invoice templates, which were used to generate fake invoices in the name of “Pak Fei Trade Limited”.

On 7 November 2018, the FBI served a federal search warrant on Google and found that the Gmail address used to perpetrate the attack on Unatrac was used in several other phishing attacks and scams.

Google’s records also showed that the Gmail address was linked to several other accounts. In particular, it shared a login session cookie with an address that the FBI was able to connect with Okeke.

Represented by his attorney John Iweanoge, Okeke has appeared in court twice since his arrest and will face a grand jury to determine if he will be criminally charged.

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Security forces injured by protesters from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria

Chaos and total breakdown of law and order at the three arms zone and access road adjacent to the Eagle square and the Head of Service when protesters from the Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria over the detention of their leader tried to submit a memorandum to Legislators at the National assembly complex.

Police sources confirms that several law enforcement officers were injured with gun shot wounds, clubbing and from stones thrown at them when they fired tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Injured Law enforcement officer hospitalised. Photo supplied by Nigeria Police Force.

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria Sheikh El Zakzakky was arrested in 2015 and has been in detention ever since.

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