Day 09: Oscar Pistorious Trial

Advocate Roux cross examines Colonel Vermuelen at day 9 of the #oscartrial while court looks at forensic documents from the investigation.Court presented with graphic evidence of door from scene.Questions asked if possible accused kicked door with prosthesis and that if established that the prosthetic legs was used to knock the door. That it is possible […]

My Chronicle of the Nigeria Petrol Subsidy Protest January 2nd 2012.

The day has come when I finally put hands on keyboard to transcribe all of my experiences 2 years ago. I did not envisage that the event of that day could send me and a few others to the “Abattoir” a detention facility managed by the special anti robbery squad. Before leaving for the convergence […]

RETRO-NEWS – Saving Nigeria from the Cabal – March 16th 2010

With the likes of pressure groups like “Enough is Enough”, “Save Nigeria Group” and the coalition of Nollywood practioners storming the capital city of Abuja, I got up earlier than usual after my routine prayer sessions I couldn’t go back to bed despite the fact that darkness was yet to give way to the light […]

The Polarisation of the Nigerian People along Religious line…

BEWARE OF THIS NEO-COLONIST TRICK AND CORRUPT STRATEGY OF NIGERIA’S POLITICAL ELITES. If you are a student of History and Political Science, you will know that divide and rule is an age long strategy of oppressive rulers to maintain the status quo.It is used to pitch the oppressed against themselves while the oppressor continues to […]