Covid-19 in Nigeria: Epicenter and States with most Cases

Nigeria is among the top 5 countries most affected in Africa by the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes the Coronavirus disease otherwise known as Covid-19. CASES IN NIGERIA Number of Tests samples conducted 63,882 Number of positive cases 10,578 Number of Active cases 7,157 Number of recoveries 3,122 Number of deaths 299 Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye

Level 3 Restrictions Begin amid Rising Covid-19 Cases

UNDER LEVEL 3 THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTIONS WILL REMAIN Food and Alcoholic beverage consumption in restaurants and bars. Sale of Cigarettes and tobacco products. Gymnasiums and Fitness centers. Conference and Event centers. Public parks, beaches, swimming pools, and Sports grounds. Hotels and Accommodation with exception to business and essential work purposes Domestic Air travel with exception […]

Coronavirus Cases in South Africa Beyond Thirty Thousand

SA COVID-19 CASES The number of confirmed cases in South Africa has surpassed the 30 thousand mark after 30967 positive cases were recorded and the number of recoveries currently standing at 16116 with a death toll of 643. A total number of 701833 tests has been conducted nationwide with 1727 new cases recorded out of […]