Walmart committed to Africa

According to a recent report, Africa is considered to lead global economic growth in the conceivable future. it is the home of almost two billion people with rising household spending and growth in foreign direct investment. The continent is rich in natural resources with a majority young productive population, the potential is huge. it is […]

Prince Harry and wife Meghan arrive South Africa..

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex landed in South Africa on Monday, along with their baby Archie for their first official tour as a family. Prince Harry, Meghan, and their son touch down in Cape Town for the first leg of their 10-day southern Africa trip. The tour began with an educational workshop in Nyanga, […]

Orthodox Christians celebrates Christmas in Ethiopia

#Orthodox #Christians celebrates #Christmas in #Ethiopia Ethiopia Orthodox Church joins other orthodox Christians in Egypt, Greece and the former soviet republics of Russia to celebrate Christmas. This celebration comes two weeks after the gregorian Christmas which was celebrated on the 25th of December. Orthodox Christians follow the Julian calendar and Christmas comes on the 7th […]

NIGERIA: Foreign Mercenaries Captured in a Military Raid on Balmo Forest

  The Nigeria Military has cleared a vast forest in Balmo which stretches through Bauchi into Jigawa state. A periphery of Sambisa forest used as terrorist base and hideouts for launching terror attacks. The forest has been purged of armed gangs and suspected terrorist while some foreigners suspected to be mercenaries captured in a raid […]

Polarization of the Nigerian state along religious lines…

BEWARE OF THESE NEO-COLONIAL TRICK AND CORRUPT STRATEGY OF POLITICAL ELITES. If you are a student of history or political science, you will know that divide and rule is an age long strategy of oppressive rulers to maintain the status quo. It is used to pitch the oppressed against themselves while the oppressor continues to […]