Coronavirus Cases in South Africa Beyond Thirty Thousand

SA COVID-19 CASES The number of confirmed cases in South Africa has surpassed the 30 thousand mark after 30967 positive cases were recorded and the number of recoveries currently standing at 16116 with a death toll of 643. A total number of 701833 tests has been conducted nationwide with 1727 new cases recorded out of […]

SA Covid-19 Cases and the Most Affected Provinces

DATA & STATISTICS The number of recorded tests conducted in South Africa stands at 680197 of which 29240 cases were identified as positive. The total number of recoveries recorded is 15093 and the death toll rising to 611. The number of new cases recorded is 1837 from a total of 24452 tests conducted within a […]

South Africa Covid-19 Data

NUMBER OF CASES South Africa is recording a continuous increase in the number of coronavirus related deaths as 22 new fatalities and 919 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours. ┬áThe number of tests conducted in a day cycle increased to 14,198 making a total number of 475,071 tests conducted. The number of […]

Upsurge in SA Covid-19 Cases: Western Cape Records 60% of Total Cases

South Africa Covid-19 Cases South Africa recorded 1,160 new cases in the last 24 hours cycle making it the highest number of infections recorded in a single day. The total number of tests conducted since the advent of Covid-19 in South Africa is currently standing at 460,873. The number of positive COVID-19 cases detected so […]