Abuja and Lagos goes into lockdown amid rise in Covid-19 infection rate..

The president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari in a national broadcast on Sunday night gave directives to state governors of Lagos, Ogun, and the Federal Capital Territory minister to shut down all businesses and commercial activities while residents are compelled to stay at home. Africa’s most populous nation have 36 states and a federal capital territory […]

Kano Emirate and the protection of Traditional Institutions 

There are a number of ways you can view the happenings in Kano. Either lane is rather  for the institution of Government or Tradition, in my opinion. A Revered Institution has been badly damaged after centuries of Stature, Importance and Influence. You can chose where you may to place blame. However, this has been a […]

OPINION: Ashiwaju! A tale of Yoruba betrayals..

Ashiwaju! A tale of Yoruba betrayals.. In Yoruba language Ashiwaju means ‘the one in front’ The Yorubas throughout history have always had ‘the one in front that those behind rally round. This was even how the Yorubas emerged as a tribe when they all rallied round Oduduwa the man in front. The first Ashiwaju of […]

RETRO-NEWS – Saving Nigeria from the Cabal – March 16th 2010

With the likes of pressure groups like “Enough is Enough”, “Save Nigeria Group” and the coalition of Nollywood practioners storming the capital city of Abuja, I got up earlier than usual after my routine prayer sessions I couldn’t go back to bed despite the fact that darkness was yet to give way to the light […]

Tonto Dikeh spotted angry over ambush on Tuface Idibia

The Nigerian born Nollywood star was spotted earlier today at a new celebrity hangout Swanky Alibi angry over what you can call a show of disregard to her person, although we can confirm that it wasn’t intentional. The incidence occurred when Tuface Idibia and Tonto Dikeh was chatting over a glass of champagne at the […]