Grace Mugabe seeks protection in Namibia

#GraceMugabe seeks protection in #Namibia following military takeover of #Zimbabwe #Harare Reports from news sources says that First Lady Grace Mugabe is seeking Asylum in Namibia following a military takeover of Zimbabwean state institutions detaining three prominent supporters of Grace Mugabe accused by the military as criminals responsible for socio economic woes in Zimbabwe. Grace […]

Washington may sell Apache helicopters to Nigeria military

WASHINGTON MAY SELL NIGERIA APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTERS! Following his Excellency’s meeting with President Barack Obama on Monday, military analysts in Washington are predicting that the arms/security embargo imposed on Nigeria due to former President Jonathan’s unwillingness to end the insurgency, may after all be immediately lifted. In a deal worth about $500 million, which may […]

NIGERIA: Foreign Mercenaries Captured in a Military Raid on Balmo Forest

  The Nigeria Military has cleared a vast forest in Balmo which stretches through Bauchi into Jigawa state. A periphery of Sambisa forest used as terrorist base and hideouts for launching terror attacks. The forest has been purged of armed gangs and suspected terrorist while some foreigners suspected to be mercenaries captured in a raid […]