Arson Looting and Violence disrupts foreign businesses in Gauteng South Africa

Arson, looting and violence disrupts foreign businesses in several cities within Gauteng province in South Africa. There were reports of looting which started overnight in Malvern east of Johannesburg with locals targeting foreign-owned shops. Several shops were broken into and looted. Some buildings were set alight overnight and several cars owned by car dealerships were […]

The Polarisation of the Nigerian People along Religious line…

BEWARE OF THIS NEO-COLONIST TRICK AND CORRUPT STRATEGY OF NIGERIA’S POLITICAL ELITES. If you are a student of History and Political Science, you will know that divide and rule is an age long strategy of oppressive rulers to maintain the status quo.It is used to pitch the oppressed against themselves while the oppressor continues to […]


The inspector general of police has reaffirmed that fresh licenses for bearing arms and ammunition is still prohibited. This statement came after the Zamfara State government purchased firearms for vigilante groups and sought the National Assembly‚Äôs permission to legalize their proposed action. Deputy force public relation officer, Mr. Frank Mba states “consequently, the Nigeria Police […]