Nigeria Ease Lockdown in Phases

Kano state will be the only exception as he directed the enforcement of a total lockdown for a period of two weeks effective immediately..

Funeral Attendees at Greater risk of Contracting Covid-19

Funeral attendees areĀ  at high risk of contracting this virus mostly because of cultural practices where people show affection when giving comfort, hugging and touching each other…

Exponential rise Inevitable in Africa’s Covid-19 cases

Africa is unlikely to avoid an exponential rise in Coronavirus infection rate like many other countries but has successfully delayed this inevitable rise as a result of the lockdown measures and the social distancing policy.

Abuja and Lagos goes into lockdown amid rise in Covid-19 infection rate..

The president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari in a national broadcast on Sunday night gave directives to state governors of Lagos, Ogun, and the Federal Capital Territory minister to shut down all businesses and commercial activities while residents are compelled to stay at home. Africa’s most populous nation have 36 states and a federal capital territory […]