Rwanda launches first ‘Made in Africa’ Smartphone

Reuters, Kigali. Rwanda’s Mara Group launched two smartphones on Monday, describing them as the first “Made in Africa” models and giving a boost to the country’s ambitions to become a regional technology hub. The Mara X and Mara Z will use Google’s Android operating system and cost 175,750 Rwandan francs ($190) and 120,250 Rwandan francs […]

IDP’s and life in a UN Refugee Camp

UNHCR has been doing alot to better the lives of refugees in Africa more importantly with the surge in internally displace persons in the horn of Africa, the lake Chad basin and in the great lakes region. UNHCR regional operations in Africa.. The challenges are enormous in these conflict zones as more is expected in the area of […]

The Polarisation of the Nigerian People along Religious line…

BEWARE OF THIS NEO-COLONIST TRICK AND CORRUPT STRATEGY OF NIGERIA’S POLITICAL ELITES. If you are a student of History and Political Science, you will know that divide and rule is an age long strategy of oppressive rulers to maintain the status quo.It is used to pitch the oppressed against themselves while the oppressor continues to […]