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The Island of Ibiza on the Mediterranean Sea is considered to be an all the rage tourist destination, particularly due to its renowned nightlife. Famous nightclubs are Privilege, Amnesia, Space, Pacha and DC10. All through the summer, mainstream DJ’s visit the island and play at the various clubs.

Somewhere else on the island, underground music parties are frequent and enjoyed by the numerous international musicians, artists, and travelers that are drawn to the unique creative environment of Ibiza.

The season traditionally begins at the start of June until the first weekend of October with closing parties. A classic routine for night crawlers going to Ibiza includes waking at noon, early evening naps, late night clubbing, and “disco sunrises.” Due to Ibiza’s notable tolerance toward naughtiness from young adult tourists, it has been often referred to as Gomorrah of the Mediterranean.

Other popular spots are Café Del Mar, a long bar where tourists view the sunset. Most recently, all nightclubs are required to close by 6 a.m. at the latest and all new hotels mandated to provide 5-Star facilities.

By: AAAA, 1st June 2014.

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