Buhari v Atiku ..The Silver Linings of Dilemmas.


IVOR EKPE writes…

AT LAST many will be FORCED to PRETEND to be NATIONALISTS and the airwaves will be less atrocious and hopefully less pedestrian this Political Season.

YOU SEE, both the front-runners for the Presidency, come the elections of February 2019, have thrown the pigeons out of the range of the foxes. Conversations should be a bit more bearable as EVERYONE will have to pretend they see and love Nigeria as one singular country while some simply shrug their shoulders and walk away.

I HAVE NEVER supported ZONING or the FEDERAL CHARACTER initiatives. Both have been largely abused and more importantly they have FAILED to yield the best of us.

HOWEVER, I don’t make the rules, so like millions of others, I have to live with it.

AS TWO men of Northern origin, I expect to see, read and hear LESS of the Tribalistic Bigotry and Religious Intolerance which permeates our society and for which some have built their Social Media and Public Commentary reputations. We may just be down to Substance AT LAST!

CURSE and SWEAR at one on those grounds and you will be pointing directly at the other. UNLESS of-course you insist on One Good Or Bad FULANI HERDSMAN with an ISLAMISATION Agenda or without. You will still look as SILLY but your convictions were never really that strong anyway.

WITHOUT the NORTH/SOUTH DIVIDE to separate both men, we have to search for even more ridiculous promotion of comparisons. It surely would be easier to pretend your cause is for the greater entity called Nigeria. The thought of that scares some. For the Good of One Country? … Yuck!


The TRIBALIST, BIGOTTED and INTOLERANT Campaigner of the SOUTH, feel free to think it is you to whom I refer, has a HUGE problem arising. Those of the NORTH have nothing or less to cry about.

The IGNORANT School of Thought that has always pandered to meaningless Rotational Ideals, thinking that “It must be Our Turn, so that it can be better for us”, must be wondering just how long they will have to wait. Wait for what? Their Turn.

President Buhari would have completed FOUR YEARS and could POSSIBLY win ANOTHER FOUR YEARS, if he wins the upcoming elections.

Waziri Adamawa (I still prefer the old title TURAKI, I think it is cooler and suited him better) Atiku Abubakar, will complete AT LEAST FOUR YEARS and POSSIBLY EIGHT, if he wins this and goes on to win again in 2023.

BOTH MEN are nursing LIFETIME AMBITIONS and I DO NOT SEE the WAZIRI agreeing to or standing by any AGREEMENT or HANDSHAKE on a SINGLE TERM, if he wins this time around.

I WONDER which “Winner” God has revealed to the CHRISTIAN PREACHERS this time. Suddenly, we just might finally be talking about ONE GOD. Line up guys but no need to rush, I am patient and have loads of laughter to give.

SO, MAYBE I can have relative PEACE for the next FOUR or EIGHT YEARS at least. Pure Bliss.

MY ADVICE to that lot, and you know yourselves, is to start making up and grovelling to your Northerner ex-Friends and Neighbours.

AND IF the WAZIRI goes South-West in his choice of Running Mate? Wait for the self-serving agitation to begin even before he wins or takes office. And if he goes South-East to cultivate a following on “Promises” (because that’s what Politicians do) of “Restructuring” (whatever that means to each individual or group), what then says the South-West who would have been nursing the baby all the years in-between? Of course there will always be the South-South for the taking. And the North-Central sits there like the homeless, parent-less baby on the side of the street as everyone walks briskly past…

I COULD CARE LESS about your dilemmas, I shall gladly take my Silver Linings.

Shall we now move on to SUBSTANCE and PRETEND we all just LOVE NIGERIA.

Thank You.

Good Luck to the two Gentlemen. This is NO DOUBT, in my opinion, going to be quite a BATTLE.

Ivor Ekpe is a social commentator.

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