Virus Pandemic: Data & Statistics from South Africa

Photo by Anna Shvets
37Cje-virus-pandemic-provincial-chartUJjPb-virus-pandemic-top-4-provincesumEIH-virus-pandemic-epicenterThe total number of tests conducted in South Africa is currently reported as (2,422,741) two million four hundred and twenty-two thousand seven hundred and forty-one.
The number of positively identified cases are (350,879) three hundred and fifty thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine.
The recovery numbers reported are (182,230) one hundred and eighty-two thousand two hundred and thirty. This figure amounts to a recovery rate of 52%.
The total number of fatalities recorded stands at (4,948) four thousand nine hundred and forty-eight.
New cases identified within a twenty-four-hour cycle is (13,285) thirteen thousand two hundred and eighty-five.
Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye member of the Southern African Freelancers Association and the Editor/Publisher Africa Online News a Top 20 News Website to follow in South Africa.


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