The Polarisation of the Nigerian People along Religious line…

map of Nigeria

If you are a student of History and Political Science, you will know that divide and rule is an age long strategy of oppressive rulers to maintain the status quo.It is used to pitch the oppressed against themselves while the oppressor continues to enjoy his loot and maintain the position of power.

In the colonial era, one of the major tool used to maintain and sustain power is to pitch the nations against themselves along ethnic line and when they left after independence they structured our nation with an implanted time bomb of discord which has exploded with devastating effect in some part of Africa.Take for example the Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda, a people with same ethnic group but were divided along heights and ownership of cattle’s.

In post colonial era, Africa have been further divided along religious groups where ethnicity have failed to cause conflicts.The most painful thing about this dangerous threat is the fact that division is being exaggerated even where it does not count in reality.Take Nigeria for example, international media commonly use the phrase MUSLIM North and CHRISTIAN South to polarise whenever there is any political discuss about Nigeria.The Nigerian political class wants us to believe same even though they know it is far from the truth.

Let us take the case of those who have ruled Nigeria, for example Gowon ruled Nigeria for Nine years and he is from the CHRISTIAN-NORTH.Obasanjo ruled for a total of ten years and he is from the CHRISTIAN-SOUTH.Shagari, Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Abdulsalam and Yar’Adua ruled Nigeria for about twenty one years all together and they are all from the MUSLIM-NORTH.MKO Abiola from the MUSLIM-SOUTH was never allowed to rule despite the credibility of his election and Ernest Shonekan CHRISTIAN-SOUTH stepped In for a couple of months.During the reign of power from Balewa, Ironsi to the present Goodluck Jonathan; all ministers and political appointees are made up of Nigerians from all ethnic groups, both muslims and christians who have collectively looted our economy and impoverish the populace. These unpatriotic individuals who are made up of both muslims and christians constantly jeopardise our collective long term benefits for their short term satisfaction.

During the military regimes, we had governors and service chiefs who were comprised of muslims and christians alike and they all looted the economy of the states they governed.In the present day civilian dispensation, all governors are indigenes of their states and they are all looting their states and local governments.They have enough autonomy to rule their people fairly but choose otherwise.Most Nigerians are ignorantly taking sides with these common enemies of the poor and down trodden along religious lines while they continue to enjoy their loot without anybody holding them responsible for their oath of office.

Nigeria’s population in the north has a mixture of both Muslims and Christians also in the south particularly in the south west has an evenly distributed population of Muslims and Christians.All our political elites are mixtures of Muslims and Christians and they don’t disagree when they share the loot, they only use religion to negotiate power balance by using your support amongst themselves.Open your eyes fellow Nigerians and ask your politicians to account to you how a nation so richly blessed in human and natural resources all over its length and breadth finds itself in this shameful level of poverty and infrastructural degradation.Also beware of foreign powers who are interested in re-colonising you soon after you are plunged into ethnic and religious wars in order to loot your resources to develop their comatose economy back home.Take note, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Great Lake States and Angola can never recover except by the special grace of God from the wars funded by this foreign powers.

So when you swallow the idea of MUSLIM NORTH and CHRISTIAN SOUTH from either the foreign powers or corrupt local politicians, BEWARE.

By: Abiodun Abidoye

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